Lexus Launches Its New Electric Car

The new Lexus ES allows for a larger range of performance than ever before. We have all seen the massive electric-powered sports cars that seem to be coming out of Japan all the time. They have some seriously cool technology inside that can give you an incredible experience. But one thing they have never tried is a hybrid car. Until now, that is.

The new Lexus ES will allow you to take your vehicle to extremes by allowing it to power itself. Imagine riding in traffic with no engine to power you and only electric power. It is pretty wild, isn’t it? And the battery is pretty small too, only about as big as a paperback book. Yes, the new Lexus ES will allow you to get into town faster.

But what about when you are driving up hill? Well the battery can kick in to give you some additional power. Or maybe you are just in the mood for a downhill adventure. No problem either as the battery lets you drive the hills.

Oh, and there is more. The ES offers you the ability to charge your battery completely off the charger. So you can use electric power for days, even weeks on end. That’s a long trip for a vehicle. And when you come back you have an extremely powerful vehicle.

All of these features were well thought out and anticipate current needs. The biggest problem today is that people don’t charge their batteries for days, which is why there are so many problems with dead batteries. In this sense the electric car was ahead of its time. Now we are all enjoying the benefits of these new Lexus models.

But I do want to warn you. This new electric car has a tiny charge system. It only has a thousand (that’s not a typo) Of course you could buy a thousand and change it yourself for better performance. But that isn’t necessary. You get the feeling that they are trying to make an impression and they might be right, but for the price they are hard to beat.

The battery is a tough small thing, about the size of a deck of cards. But they are tough. And the Lexus has a lot of power. The engineers at Lexus did a great job optimizing the existing architecture. These cars are as strong and quick as a Ferrari.

The biggest question is how will you charge the battery? The answer is simple, you just use the auxiliary cable that comes with the car. It lets you charge the battery quickly, while driving. When the battery gets low, the Lexus power starts to use the battery for power. So you always have more power than you had before. You just need to remember to charge the battery every night.

So you see the potential of this new electric car is huge. If you’re in the market for a car then you should take a look at it. They are environmentally friendly, highly fuel efficient and pretty fast. They won’t break any speed records on the road either. That’s why Lexus has been so successful.

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