Maximize Your Outdoor Space with New Motorized Screens

Maximize Your Outdoor Space with New Motorized Screens

Screenmobile of NorthShore is a leading motorized sunscreen and awnings specialist now making contemporary designs in Chicago. The screens are bespoke to your home with multiple designs, colors, and materials available and all artfully installed for you, so there’s no need for any extra effort.

Owner of Screenmobile, Alfonso Patlan, says that “motorized sunscreens and awnings are the best way to shade your home from the sun, while increasing the internal ventilation without having to have your doors and windows wide open and exposed to insects.”

The amazing screens and awnings are operated with the touch of a button, meaning there’s no need for any manual set up so there’s much less danger of breakages. Mr. Patlan is confident that “motorized options last much longer than manual screens, just because there’s less room for mistakes or damage if someone tries to force the screen into place and, due to the materials used, there’s less chance of weather damage too, so the screens will last much longer.”

The increased airflow will also mean that your air conditioning units won’t have to work as hard. It’s the most cost-effective method of eliminating the effects of your highest area of internal heat gain – your windows. You’ll save money on your energy bills by reducing the use of electric fans and air conditioning, giving you a relatively cheap and stylish way to increase the value of your home.

Mr. Patlan talks about the numerous benefits of motorized screens and awnings.

“Not only are they a fantastic way to stay cool and bug free, but they also offer another option for entertaining adding an extra element of privacy. The screens effectively make your living space bigger, meaning you can create a whole new room outside to enjoy the weather.”

Each screen or enclosure is equipped with secure locking mechanisms making an extra deterrent for burglars and keeping children safe while playing outdoors.

Because the technology and material availability has now moved on, there’s a greater range of quality products on the market including patio screens and even garage screens that can keep your garage cool during the hot weather, and also widow screens as well as other enclosures that are offered by the company. Customers are guaranteed to find their perfect match. Mr. Patlan says that they’re “now ready for the hot season and are bulking up for the high demand with a wider range of colors and materials on offer with free delivery and professional installation included.”

If you’re interested in fitting a motorized sunscreen or awning ready for the summer season, take a look at the Screenmobile of NorthShore website, or get in touch with one of their knowledgeable customer service specialists for more information.

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