Misery For Business As Malicious Negative Online Reviews Rise

Many businesses have encountered an increase in malign or negative online reviews due to their inability to overcome the perceived competition. Many business enterprises fail to understand that this competition comes from rivals who have better resources and technological skills. The difference between a competitor and an ally is the level of commitment to the business enterprise. For instance, if an organization encounters a loss, it does not make sense for them to spend too much time focusing on the negative reviews posted by rivals.

Therefore, they focus on positive reviews posted by competitors. They hope that positive reviews would divert traffic from their rivals to their website. This process goes on for years. However, eventually this process wears off. When this happens, competitors with better resources, technology, and skills start posting negative reviews about business enterprises, which results in the decrease of traffic.

Thus, for an organization to survive, it is important that they focus on neutral reviews. These reviews are written in good faith by people who are passionate about the business enterprise. People like you and me who were once clients of a business enterprise review its performance after years of being a client. The good news is that such honest reviews are posted by ordinary people.

This increase in malign online reviews is a serious threat to the reputation of the business enterprise. When consumers read bad reviews, they tend to conclude that this is a reason why the business enterprise is not a success. As a result, the enterprise will experience a decrease in its revenue as well as its market share. It can no longer sustain the operations and growth of the business enterprise.

If consumers read positive reviews instead of bad reviews, then they would have more faith in the product or service that the business enterprise is offering. They would feel that the product or the services that they were getting from the business enterprise are worth the price that they had paid. They would be more likely to purchase these products and services because they do not feel that the products and services offered by the enterprise are fabricated. They will definitely purchase them. In this way, a positive review posted on a website is much better than a negative review posted on the same website.

These positive reviews would also create a sense of trust on the part of the consumers. Since the website is trying to sell its products and services, it would be expected that there would be a higher degree of trust that customers would give. This will help in building a successful relationship with the clients. With this, both parties benefit from posting positive online reviews.

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