New Programmatic Advertising Services Now Offered By Ranwell Productions

Programmatic advertising is a new form of advertising that helps to automate the process of finding and purchasing advertising space for businesses. While traditional advertising usually meant meeting with ad space sellers to negotiate on pricing and normally going in blind when it comes to success rates, programmatic advertising gives more visibility on the space’s previous successes and can give an accurate reading on how much a business should be paying for the space.

Ranwell Productions is a new programmatic advertising agency based in San Antonio, Texas. The head of the company, Randy Sewell, is dedicated to automating and speeding up the process of advertising while remaining fair for both the buyer and seller of the ad space. He says, “Advertising is an essential aspect of any business so there’s no reason it should be so difficult or so weighted in favor of the space seller. Purchasing advertising space should benefit everyone, including the consumer. That’s why programmatic advertising is so perfect.”

The system works on user data. Websites and phones track data using cookies to determine the journey of a consumer. This data is collected and each customer who has similarities with others following a similar footprinted journey will create a target demographic. Certain types of people will access certain websites or apps at specific times of the day.

People who wish to sell advertising space can market those spaces on a supply-side platform based on the types of users that they already have through their channel.

From a buyer’s perspective, a business can look for specific audiences and their habits to understand the best places to capture the most people that they know will be interested in their product.

“Programmatic advertising is the perfect balance to please everyone. Space sellers get a fair price for their ad space on a regulated platform without having to negotiate, businesses get to buy cost-effective ad space that is guaranteed to reach their audience and consumers get to see ads that are relevant to their interests,” Mr. Sewell affirms, making this is best noted advertising method out there.

Real-time bidding also makes the process super easy. Once a buyer has decided on an appropriate space to reach their audience, they just need to place a bid against other interested businesses. The highest bidder wins the space. This means that sellers get a higher price for spaces that are more in demand, buyers can hop out of the bidding war when the price gets too high, so they don’t blow a budget and consumers get to see ads that are beneficial to them.

According to Mr Sewell, businesses advertising through Ranwell Productions can achieve maximum results this way by only putting the advert in front of interested customers without spending a long time doing the research. It also avoids the scattered approach of traditional advertising where advertisers would have to hope that the ad reached at least some valuable consumers.

For more information on how programmatic advertising can help improve business performance, get in touch with Ranwell Productions via their website.


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