The Next Step in MRI Scanning Technology

MRI scanning can often pose problems for people if they suffer from stress or anxiety, especially when faced with small spaces. This can increase the fear and uncertainty that some people feel when going for a scan.

The Solution to MRI Anxiety


Deerfield have reviewed patient’s experiences and came up with the perfect solution to that MRI anxiety – The upright MRI scanner. Deerfield is now recognized as a world leader in innovative MRI technology. The scanner allows for upright scanning procedures that replicate stepping into a booth, rather than being fed into a tunnel. The upright technology greatly reduces the associated claustrophobic Stress for MRI compared with conventional MRI scanners and is something that patients with Claustrophobic fears should consider.

This revolutionary piece of technology was upgraded to incorporate powerful diagnostics tools and is able to diagnose cranio-cervical joint instability (CCJ) and Chiari Malformations (CM). The CEO of Deerfield, Dr. Michael Fox, states that patients report feeling much more at ease with the new technology, and it has made the process much more streamlined, accurate and fast paced when it comes to diagnoses.

The Positives of an Upright MRI Scanner


The first every upright model of an MRI scanner was developed in 1996. Rather than the standard tunnel style scanner that people always think of, the upright scanner allows for patients to simply sit within a booth while the chair they sit on can be positioned accurately to access the right positions.

This is the best option for people with anxiety or claustrophobia, as the upright position feels psychologically less restricting than having a piece of equipment placed above you, as with traditional scanners.

It’s also the best option if you have a patient with a disability, as it’s much easier and more dignified for the patient if they are able to simply sit within the canner walls.

What Can the Upright Scanner Diagnose?


Upright MRI scanners can be used to diagnose all kinds of medical ailments. However, the Deerfield is specifically designed to look out for CCJ and CM.

Cranio-Cervical Joint Instability (CCJ)


CCJ instability is caused when the ligaments in the neck become stretchy or unstable. This could be due to an injury or down to Ehler-Danlos Syndrome (which causes ligaments to stretch and not go back into place). CCJ means that the connection between the head and neck isn’t as strong as it should be, which can quickly lead to further head damage.

Chiari Malformations (CM)


This is where a part of the brain bulges through an opening in the skull. This can cause issues if it attaches to the spinal canal and may affect the movement of the neck and upper body.

What’s in it for You?


The upright MRI scanner is known to provide accurate results using the most up to date technology. This allows for better and more immediate treatment to be provided to patients. It’s also the most effective method of diagnosing CCJ and CM because they are more visible when they are load bearing. If a patient is laid down, the position of the neck is different and therefore, the problem is less obvious.

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